About rehoming

Our main concern when rehoming an animal is for their welfare and continued development when placed with you

When you rehome an animal, it is 'adopted' into your care hopefully for the rest of its life. But if some unforeseen event happens and it becomes impossible for you to continue caring for your pet; we'll step in and rehome them once more with ourselves.

Remember that rehoming a pet requires a considerable commitment on your part, and so we try to make sure that you and your potential companion are right for each other. As you might expect we follow a number of steps to make sure that everything works first time.

From your initial choice of a companion through to eventual rehoming, you can expect us to be with you every step of the way. Both you and your new companion deserve no less. You will need to complete a rehoming application and have a home visit.

Are you ready to rehome?

Caring for an animal requires an added responsibility in both time and money. Its important to consider whether now is the right time for you to take on these added responsibilities.

If you have had some recent life changing events - such as a new baby, marriage, divorce or a recent death of a loved family pet - then this may not be the best time to rehome. You should wait until your lifestyle returns to a more normal situation.

Choosing an animal

The first part of the process is for you to choose the animal which best suits your personality and lifestyle. Remember that animals, like people, have different degrees of friendliness, energy, motivation and drive; so its important for you to match your needs with what an individual animal can provide.

As a start, take a look at our animals who are available for rehoming, read about their personalities and then complete an application form. We'll always be pleased to hear from you.