24 May 2018
Here at St Francis Animal Rescue we have 23 kittens up for rehoming - More than we have ever had at one time!
15 Mar 2015
Boys v girls
10 Mar 2015
Kitten season
7 Jul 2014
Here at St Francis, we are always trying to make connections with other local charities.
28 May 2014
Firstly, a huge thank you to al the individuals and families who came forward to adopt the kittens we've had on our website recently
28 May 2014
As it's not just kitten season for our domestic pets, feral cats will be having their kittens outside also. Please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if a feral cat has had kittens in your area.
5 Apr 2014
Good news! Due to the great success we've had in January, we've decided to run our free spaying and neutering programme for cats again for April.