Please report feral kittens as soon as you see them

As it's not just kitten season for our domestic pets, feral cats will be having their kittens outside also. Please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if a feral cat has had kittens in your area.

If we can remove the kittens from the mother from an early age, we have a really good chance of turning these kittens around into domestic pets.  We place the kittens with experienced fosterers. Our success rate is excellent at 8 weeks or below and good at 12 weeks or below. After this time, successful turn around declines and those kittens have to be let back out into the wild (after spaying or neutering) to live their lives as ferals. Please don't leave reporting feral kittens until they are too big for us to do anything about. They can, and do, make wonderful pets IF they are caught and handled early enough.