Do you know anyone who...

Here at St Francis, we are always trying to make connections with other local charities.

We've found out about some great local projects and rescue centres over the years and would like to keep building our connections and contacts. Do you work for, volunteer for , or know of any small or medium sized local rescues that it would be handy for us to have in our "little black book" of animal rescue contacts? Species or breed specific rescues would be particularly useful as we often have emails about animals we are unable to accomodate or we take in animals that we have little experience of and have to go out on fact finding missions to learn how to take care of them. Our poor fosterer who agreed to take in 2 abandoned ducklings was particluarly stuck!!

We'd be particularly interested in making contacts with people or organisations that take in or rehome:

  • Feral cats at stables, farms etc
  • FIV cats and kittens
  • Wildlife charities
  • Animal specific charities, eg rabbit rescues, ferret rescues
  • Breed specific rescues, eg. pugs, dacshunds