Boys are just as loving as girls!

Boys v girls

Since kitten season is once again upon us, I thought I'd take the opportunity to once again talk about the common misconception that girls make better pets than boys do. That may be the case if you leave your cat entire (not neutered or spayed) but once this is done, it makes absolutely no difference at all!!

The picture above is of my 3 boys, who are equally as loving and affectionate as my 2 girls. It's personality that really makes the difference. Take your time when picking your kitten from a litter, observe their behaviour as this will give you a clue as to how they will act when they're older. The kitten that wanders straight up to you? Probably going to be confident, friendly and trusting. The kitten who's happily lying under a pile of tussling brothers and sisters but still purring away? Likely to be relaxed and laid back. The munchkin who's pouncing on everyone from behind and nipping everyone else's ears and tails? You'll end up with a cat full of mischief.

Personality and behaviour are much more important than gender when picking your new family member.

Good luck!!