To all the wonderful people who adopted our kittens

Firstly, a huge thank you to al the individuals and families who came forward to adopt the kittens we've had on our website recently

With 3 litters and 15 kittens, our coordinator at the Cattery had a huge job on her hands. Almost all the kittens have gone now and we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took 1, and sometimes 2!, of our little bundles home. We also want to say a special thank you to the families who have picked a Mammy cat to take home. They are often overlooked in favour of little ones and we were in the fantastic position this time of having homes for all 3 mammies lined up even before the babies were weaned.

Please keep in touch and send us pictures of your little ones all settled at home with you guys, along with their new names! We have a section of the website dedicated to showing off success stories and we'd love to include your new family members in there. Our fosterers love to see their foster babies with their Forever Families!


We cannot wait to bring Anya into our home and become a 'baby sister' to our old boy Tigger....cannot thank everyone, especially Ann, enough for all the hard work and effort you put in to ensuring these beautiful animals are rehomed.

Thank you Miss Pippy for picking little Anya. She is such a loving girl, and despite her very shaky start to motherhood, she actually did really well in the end. She has some of the fattest little babies we've ever seen; Snickers and Mars are especially chunky!! And thank you for the mention on the RVI noticeboard, I saw it when I was at work the other day.

Simba and Peter (now called Flint and Tigger) are well settled in their new home with us!! They are the adored babies of the family and ruling the roost!! Pictures soon!