So now they're mobile. And the trouble begins...

Looking at that picture, you'd think butter wouldn't melt. Well, you'd be wrong!

This is when things start to get interesting, and extremely messy, for us. Imagine 6 18 month old human babies who can run faster than your average adult can walk, can climb well over 20 times their own height given the right setting, and an ability to get their heads stuck in gaps around the home you didnt even know existed! And this is what we have to look forward to over the next few weeks. Mammy Cassidy has done an excellent job with these little ones and has 6 healthy, robust little babies. Everyones' eyes are open and each of them is wandering around their cattery pen, looking for mischief. This is when we really start to get to know each bundle individually and we'll be able to update their profiles on the website with more details about their personalities. Who'll be the bold, brash one, with no fear? Who'll be the greedy one who will happily trample everyone elses faces into the food dish just to make sure he gets the biggest piece of food in there? We'll soon find out.

Mam Cassidy is doing really well. Usually the effort and nutrients it takes to feed a litter really takes its toll on the mothers weight and fur; they're often very skinny whilst theyre feeding and their fur looks terrible and falls out in clumps. But Cass is pulling this mothering business off like a pro and still has a beautiful spotted tabby coat. Once she's finished feeding her little ones and her milk is gone, she'll be spayed and ready for her second chance with her Forever Family. She's only 7-8 months old by our estimates and will hopefully have a long, kitten-free, life ahead of her