Only 2 out of 6 reserved :(

After lots of initial interest, only 2 of the litter have been reserved for new homes

The big litter are now almost 7 weeks and only occasionally go to their mam for milk. They've started spending the night away from her to give her a break as she has now deemed them old enough to fend for themselves and is more reluctant to let them suckle now. Who can blame her after 6 kittens have fed from her for nearly 7 weeks?!

Despite being able to go to new homes next week, only Alice and Belle have been reserved and are going to their new home together. We seem to have lots of requests for girls recently so we just wanted to let people know that once they're spayed/neutered, it really doesn't make any difference! Affection, cuddliness etc are down to the personality of the individual cat, not the gender.  So if you're thinking of adopting a kitten, please give the boys a chance as well as the girls!


I can wholeheartedly agree that its how your cat is brought up and their personality! I have had in the past neutered Toms who have been the most affectionate,cuddly boys ever. I have just recently had to say goodbye to one of my boys but been lucky enough to be able to get the chance to rehome one of these gorgeous mummy cats. This will be my first girl so looking forward to getting her home to meet my boy xx