Last of the litter :(

So the big litter has now reached an age where they can go to their new homes and Nemo is the only one left behind.

We're really struggling to understand why as he's a lovely little thing, and after the females, the runt tends to be one of the first picked. He's a nice little kitten and has some beautiful markings, he'd make a great companion for a new family. If you know anyone looking for a quiet, gentle kitten, please direct them Nemo's way as he deserves the chance to find his Forever Family too


Did this gorgeous boy get a home yet? We would be so tempted to have him but think Tigger and Flint would be too boisterous for him!!

Yes Carole, Nemo got a home a little while after the appeal on here. He has a lovely new family. Thanks for thinking of him. I fostered all 6 from that litter and from what I remember I think you're right, they would have been very boisterous for tiny Nemo!