Kitten season has started!

Kitten season is well and truly upon us; follow our litters' progress on the blog

Thank you to the lovely dog walker who gave us  a ring to let us know about a young kitten who had had her own litter of 6 kittens in a box outside. Mam and babies are settled into the cattery and have done well so far. We havent disturbed them to check their genders but we have 5 tabbies and one black and we are likely to have a mixture of girlies and laddies! As Mam is so small and her litter is so big, we are a little worried about her milk production and whether there will be enough to go around. We'll see how these little ones do at putting on weight and we may need to give her a hand with topping these little bundles up with some formula. This could be a long month for our volunteers!