Here we go again!

So we're now on to in-house litter number 4, born last week to Evie

We'll follow them on this blog as they meet their big milestones; opening their eyes for the first time, starting to walk, learning to eat from a bowl etc. Kittens require a huge amount of hard work and with 7 in this litter, both Mammy Evie and Fosterer Ann will have their work cut out for them. The 5 boys and 2 girls already have names lined up and we'll post them when we do their individual pictures when they open their eyes at about 10-14 days. All are healthy and well so far and Evie has been perfect with them. Anyone who is interested in a kitten  for rehoming in 7-8 weeks can get in touch now and be put on the waiting list.

So check back in a few days and see what this new bundle has been up to!!