Having our first holiday

To give their main fosterer a break, Cassidy and her 6 babies are taking a long weekend with another fosterer

So now that everyone is up and about, we're really starting to see their personalities. Alice is a quiet little thing and happy to sit back and watch the action, although she is part of the playful ruckus in the picture. Simba is precocious and has been the first to do everything. As such, hes now the biggest of all six as he managed to find the food dish before everyone else. Peter can be a noisy little thing and is already clearly more people orientated than the others. Hes happy to play with his brothers and sisters but is the first one up to the door of the pen when you go to see them. Belle is sweet and little but has a pair of lungs equal to her brother if needed. Philip is quiet like Alice. All the kittens have been well handled and are starting to purr when you stroke them

We'd like to thank the photographer and journalist who took photos of these guys and wrote a great article about them that was featured in several online editions of national newspapers. We've had rehoming interest from all over the country and even had an email from a magazine in America who will be printing an article on them too.