Can you think of names for our last 4 kittens?

As I'm sure you can imagine, trying to think of names for bundles of kittens year after year can get a bit exhausting!

So since we have this great new site with a space for people to comment, we thought we'd ask for some help. The kittens in the photo are nameless but have made it through their first 48 hours and can now be named. There are 3 boys- the ginger, ginger and white, and cream- and one female, the tabby and white. If you have any suggestions, it would really be helping us out, as we tend to start reusing names from other litters from other years and it gets a bit confusing! Having litters with "theme" names can be handy as it helps us identify which litter we're talking about but it's not essential. We've used all sorts of themes so far; chocolate bars, Disney, flowers, TV characters, cars and common British lads names (Dave was a great kitten).

Please post your suggestions below and we'll pick our favourites and post the new names with new, individual pictures of the little ones. There will always be more litters so even if we don't use them for this lot, we may be using them in the near future. Thanks in advance