Report a missing or found animal

We know how distressing it can be if your pet goes missing. We've developed this part of the site to use alongside traditional methods to reunite lost pets with their owners

You may want to consider the following:

  • Phone local animal shelters and vets in the area in which your pet went missing. People will often take a lost pet to a vet
  • Make posters with a clear, preferably colour, photo of your pet. Include details like when the animal went missing, what area they went missing from and a contact number
  • Display the poster in local shop windows, vets etc
  • Your neighbours may be kind enough to display the poster in their windows
  • You could post leaflets in the area in which your pet went missing. Ask people to check their sheds, out houses, garages etc as frightened animals will look for a quiet shelter as well as warmth
  • Report your pet on (You can also report found pets on here too)
  • If you are a registered user of this site then you can log in and post details of your lost (or found) pet here

Please remember, if your pet is microchipped, you are more likely to be reunited with him or her. This is an inexpensive proceedure, can be performed on very young pets, takes only seconds (it takes longer to fill out the paperwork than place the chip!) and it is often a prerequisite of adopting an animal from a shelter and is often included in the adoption price. See for more details on microchipping