15 Jul 2018


Purdy went missing on Sunday, 15th July 2018 from the 119 Steward Crescent. We are desperately worried about her whereabouts, as it is out of character for her to wander off. Purdy is 11 years of age and microchipped. She is friendly and it is likely that she will approach you to say hello. She may however, be scared if she has got spooked by something. I have contacted all the local vets, she is on lost and found animal websites and Facebook are sharing also. We would be so grateful if you could check your sheds and any other small outlets / spaces around your gardens and property, just in case she has got herself trapped somewhere and can’t get out. If you have any information or you find or sight our Purdy, please call Leigh on 07368 347 097 / Wayne on 07368 385 452 or the Landline on 0191 682 8919. Many thanks, Leigh, Wayne, Tom and Lucy


Steward Crescent