Tina’s happy ending

We absolutely love hearing how the animals are getting on in their new homes, it makes everything we do here at St Francis worth it. Last year we rescued a young cat who had had a bit of a rough start.

Tina’s skin was in a poor condition and she was feeling rather sorry for herself. After a visit to the vets, and numerous tests later it was concluded she had allergies that could be manageable. For some reason we found it difficult to rehome Tina, although she was a beautiful black cat we think her allergies sadly put potential owners off adopting her.

Eventually Tina found her forever home and it seems it was worth the wait! We have been sent some wonderful photos that show how settled Tina is in her new home and how with a little bit of patience every cat deserves to find the best home! Here is what Tina new owner had to say alongside her lovely photos....


‘’Hi I just wanted to give you a update on gorgeous little Tina to let you know she’s settled in a treat now. She’s so loving and her nick name from me is my little cuddle monster!!! She is my pick me up after losing my other cat just recently and is a absolute delight to be with, she loves nothing more than to be up on my knee or if she’s sat on my table directly in front of me she stands up and puts her paws on my chest and she gets up to my face for a little kiss. Her neck is healing marvellous and im over protective with regards to her allergies and she  is doing great in respect of that. I wanted to thank Nicky “Tina’s foster mum” for trusting me to adopt her as she brought me so much affection already and is so rightfully so spoilt rotten . Here are some pictures of Tina sat in my granddaughters electric car who Tina has also grown to adore also and gives her nothing but cuddles when she visits us . Thanks once again St Francis from Joanne xx’’


Thank you Joanne for taking on our beautiful Tina, we are so pleased you found each other