Roxy and Bella (aka Olivia)

A little update on a couple of rehomed kittens

"We adopted 9 week old Roxy(tabby) and Olivia (now Bella, grey and white) in October 2013 and they just turned 1 on 10th August.

We wanted two bonded, friendly kittens and we couldnt have wished for better kittens! They are absolute darlings, are always at the front door to welcome us home, follow us from room to room and purr all the time. They're very good sisters too, always looking out fo each other and still love to snuggle up together and wash each other. They really did make our hme complete an we cant imagine our lives without them!

Thank you to St Francis for looking after them so well in their early days, they'd obviously had a lot of intergration work done on them when they were tiny.

There was another sister who was adopted the same week as we adopted our two (Harriet) and we'd love to know how she's doing and what she's like and see if they share any sisterly traits"