Lots of people return to St Francis to rehome an animal in need.

This is Poppy.

We picked her up from Ann's home on 30 May 2013. We had been thinking about getting a new addition for a while so went along to see Ann. She showed us a little black ball of fur and it was love at first sight. Poppy was a favorite of Ann's so we felt privileged to be able to bring her home. She likes to cuddle up with her favorite toy mouse and loves to curl up on the bottom of your bed.

Poppy is the second cat we've rehomed from St Francis.

We rehomed Kizzy between 1995 and 1998. He was a very nervous kitten and when we went to see him he was hiding behind the basket in the cattery. He spent the first few weeks living with us trying to find a place to hide he was so afraid. With plenty of time and patience he slowly started coming around.

Once we gained his trust he was the most loving cat you could wish to meet. He loved to sit on the settee and have his chin scratched while watching the television. Sadly we lost Kizzy 3 years ago due to ill health.

It seemed fitting that after rehoming Kizzy all those years ago that we had another black cat in the house and where better to get one from!