A great example of how expensive animal equipment can be!

Hi everyone, Im TJ, and I was one of the first bunnies taken in by St Francis. A large chain pet store contacted St Francis about me. They said I had a tooth condition that made me “unsellable stock” and if they didn’t take me, they would have to put me to sleep as I couldn’t be sold commercially.

Despite rabbits not being the usual forte of St Francis, they immediately arranged a placement with a rather bewildered fosterer! They quickly ordered a large spacious hutch and a huge run for me and my fosterer spent a weekend constructing everything so I could have free reign of my enclosure. Once my home was ready and filled with straw, hay, bowls, water bottles, toys, tunnels and hides, I got to move in. The money you raise and donate to St Francis helped build my new bunny palace – thanks everyone!! Im a big fan of cuddling and my fosterer would come out and cuddle me every day because she didn’t like me to be on my own. My foster Mam worked with me to litter train me so that I could be rehomed as an indoor or outdoor bunny. Luckily my fosterer had a contact at another charity, Pawz For Thought in Sunderland, who had lots of other rabbit contacts. She spoke to someone who had lots of experience with rabbits that had been considered “unsellable” or “unrehomable”. She thought I would be a perfect boyfriend for one of her lady rabbits and drove halfway up the country to come and collect me. You can see me in the picture on my first day home with the missus!

Getting ready to take in a bunny is an expensive business and TJs equipment cost us around £250 to purchase. Your money is used in a variety of ways but it is always used to the benefit of the animals; they are our primary concern. Even if it means giving away half a fosterer’s garden for their happiness!