See how your kind donations are spent on medical costs

My name is Basil and I'm one of St Francis' biggest and most expensive success stories! As you can tell from my picture, Im a handsome little thing, and my cute little face meant I was picked quickly by a lovely family from the St Francis website. They weren't really looking for a new kitten, they already had 3 cats and 2 dogs, but said they couldn't resist me

I was at the cattery for a couple of weeks and all was well; I grew and ate normally and played with my sister. Then my rehoming day came and I was dropped off with my new family. My fosterer dropped me off and thought I was rather quiet on the trip over but thought I was just a good traveller. It turned out to be more serious than that and my health declined quickly overnight. The next day, I was rushed to the emergency vet as I was very sick; something to do with my kidneys. I received emergency treatment quickly but the vet said things were touch and go. Everyone at St Francis and my new family were devastated that this had happened; they all wondered how I could be so well 24 hours before and be so ill 24 hours later. Thanks to the vigilance of my new family, and the funds you guys kindly raise and donate for St Francis, everyone worked really hard to give me every chance to live. I had several days of intensive care and I started to look a bit better. I spent a further few days and nights in the vets so they could keep an eye on me. As you can imagine, this vets bill is already starting to look rather big! When the vets were happy with my progress, I was released to a foster family for another couple of weeks for observation and recuperation close to the vets in case anything further should happen to me. Luckily, there were no relapses and I was taken back to my Forever Family with a clean bill of health.

The money you raise and donate can make an incredible difference to a little life like mine. From deaths door to fighting fit. Thanks to everyone at St Francis for giving me every chance and thanks to my Forever Family for never giving up on me. See Daphnes story to see another example of how St Francis spends its funds.