Baby Bear

Hand raised by various dedicated volunteers

Baby Bear was one of four kittens handed over to the rescue at 2 weeks of age after their Mam went out one day and didnt come back. They cried for days and were extremely hungry when we got them. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, one of the kittens died due to kidney complications, probably related to the fact that he hadnt eaten for days. But the other 3 kept going and were fed via syringe, at times up to 2 hourly, with specialist formula. They began to put on weight and we knew these 3 would make it. They started to sleep through the night, much to the relief of their main fosterer, Ann! And equally to the relief of their babysitter fosterer who offered to take them for a couple of nights so Ann could have a break! The picture above of Bear after a bath was taken during that break after a particularly messy feeding session...


And this is her now, renamed Daphne by her Forever Family. A word from her Mam:

"I got Daphne after my previous cat died. I wanted a cat that was friendly, loving and playful. I definietly got that...and more. She's very nosey and when you're in another room and you can guarentee when you turn around her little fae is poking around the corner. She is very mischeivious and always up to no good. She knows if Im sad and comes to give me loads of cuddles to make me feel better.

She's an only cat as my boyfriend is allergic but seems fine with her. She loves going to my Mum's and playing with her two cats.

My family are always offering to look after her. When we go for dinner on a Sunday to my boyfriends Mum's house, the first thing they ask when we walk in is, "Have you brought Daphne?"

She has one hell of a character and I wouldnt change her for the world!!"


For St Francis, she's worth every bit of those 2am feeds and twice daily baths. Success!!