Stumbled across amazing Ann and her fab team of volunteers by chance!!!!!!

Having had to say goodbye to one of my gorgeous gingers, Tom aged 11 in April 2014, his brother Tigger was not coping too well.

As my two boys had been rescue it was obvious we needed to think about a wee companion! Noticed an advert on noticeboard at work for St Francis, had a look and Anya (or Princess Anya as she often gets!) immediately got our attention. Met Ann and Anya who was currently nursing a litter of gorgeous kittens and loved her straight away!

It took her a week or two to settle into her new life and get used to having a big brother! She is a beautiful natured little girl all credit to Ann and her team for looking after her until we could take her home. She is a little tinker and loves nothing more than racing around the house with her toy mice.....usually at 3am!!!!!! Just enjoyed her first holiday at the caravan in Scotland too!!

Thank you St Francis!! Sorry if image is sideways!

Philippa, Graeme, Tigger&Anya