Nutmeg and Jasmine

Thanks to the Marshall family, the kittens previously named Alice and Belle are now called Nutmeg and Jasmine

They became (semi) famous when several national online newspapers covered the story of their abandonment with their mother in a cardboard box. You can see the article here:

We blogged about them as they grew and they were finally big enough to go to their Forever Families last week.

"We were lucky and privileged enough to be able to adopt Alice and Belle, 2 of the kittens from the litter of 6 and have named then Nutmeg and Jasmine. They settled into our home immediately, exploring and playing and eventually curling up together for a sleep.

It’s been wonderful watching them play. Nutmeg is the more adventurous and boisterous. She is always looking for something to hunt, carrying round and chasing her toys. She has a fondness for shoe laces and loves the game of pulling the towel and tea-towel off the radiator in the kitchen while I constantly pick them up again.

We’ve all fallen in love with the new members of our family and can’t imagine being without them. It was lovely last night sitting watching
television with 2 kittens curled up on my knee, purring away.

I hope you continue to keep up the good work, rescuing cats and kittens in need of homes"


It's always great for us to see our hard work paying off. Kittens require a huge amount of time, energy and tidying! Our volunteers pour their hearts into their little foster bundles, and even though it's always hard to say goodbye to them in the end, it makes it so much easier when we know they're going to wonderful homes like yours. Thank you Marshall family!